There are many ways to get involved in Pushback efforts.

Neighborhood Activities

Lead or participate in discussions about drug abuse. Help distribute information to your neighbors. Report suspicious activities. Encourage treatment for neighbors, friends and family who might be abusing drugs.

School Projects

Teachers and students can work together to increase awareness about the consequences and problems that result with heroin and other drugs abuse.


You can join the Pushback Facebook Team to help increase awareness about Pushback activities or participate in the discussions.

Civic Group Presentations

Have a personal story to tell? Make a presentation to your club or other civic organizations. A Powerpoint template is available for your use under Resources or contact us if your group would like to hear a presentation.

Youth Activities

Got an idea to help engage young people in healthy, interesting activities and avoid the negative consequences of drug abuse.


Make a contribution or encourage others to help fund Pushback awareness activities.

Other Ways