You can help law enforcement reduce illicit drug sales and abuse.

Signs of Drug Activity

It is often hard to be certain that what you are seeing involves drugs, but some patterns may indicate drug activity:

  • Frequent visitors who stay for short periods of time
  • Residents may get into the car of visitors or just talk at the driver’s window
  • Money or small packages being exchanged
  • Extensive surveillance equipment such as exterior home cameras
  • Never opening blinds or window coverings
  • Finding drug paraphernalia such as very small Ziploc baggies, torn baggie corners, hypodermic needles, small pieces of brillo pads, or burnt spoons
  • Overhearing people talking about drugs

NOTE: It is important to distinguish between obnoxious or weird behavior and drug activity. Racial or ethnic background, economic level, or lifestyle choices do not mean the person is a drug dealer.

Reporting Drug Activity

Drug Activity in Progress

For drug activity that is in progress or needs an immediate police response, call 911 or the non-emergency number (715-261-1200). If a patrol car is available, an officer will respond. If you would like to speak with the officer, tell the 911 operator.

On-Going Drug Activity

On-going drug activity, which police need to be aware of, but doesn’t require immediate response, can be reported to Marathon County Crime Stoppers via:

NOTE: You can report drug activity anonymously, but it is more helpful if you give your name and phone number in case additional information is needed. You can ask that your name not be released to anyone.

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